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Don and Brittany Bristow

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Yorddy has helped me stay motivated to develop a healthy habit of exercise consistency- which has been huge for someone who’s new to strength training and cardio. I’ve never particularly liked working out, but Yorddy’s program is fast and efficient for seeing results if you’re committed and stick to it. He cares about his clients and checks in regularly on off-training days. He is great at communicating and accommodating scheduling needs, and both my husband and I have truly enjoyed working with him.

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a message from the CEO

Training IS cultivating the self-belief to be able to become a better version of yourself.

I believe that when you train your mind to overcome your physical challenges and doubts; you can attain any physical goal.

Yorddy velez
chief excutive officer

Personal Trainer

My name is Yorddy Velez. I am just a man who has been through many hardships and made the decision to use my past experiences to help other people.  My childhood experiences molded me to be the trainer that I am today. Giving me a more in-depth sense of empathy and understanding that helps me guide my clients to success.

Not only has working out helped me build self-confidence and a feeling of self-worth, but also given me the strength I longed for. As I got older  I realized that what I thought were my biggest weaknesses were actually my greatest strengths. Working out has got me through the toughest of times. (ex., everything from a broken heart to a broken bone, dealing from epilepsy, car accidents, child abuse, and even brain surgery)

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