I'm not athletic and I could not have done a simple push up. But with Yorddy's help, now I feel stronger, healthier and now can do push ups (yey!). Never imagined that I can do all the fun exercises he comes up with every session. He's a very knowledgeable trainer and knows how to motivate me. Never enjoyed going to the gym before but now looking forward going to the gym.Thanks Yorddy! KATHLEEN, AGE 57

When I first decided to get a trainer, I automatically thought that I would get someone who was average or didn't really care about my progress. But I took a chance anyway. After my first session with Yorddy, I was convinced that I was given a trainer that not only cared but wanted me to achieve my goals. At times it was tough but Yorddy was very encouraging and that gave me the motivation to push harder. I also had a lot of fun, while I worked out. I am 110% happy with my results and would recommend Yorddy to anyone that was looking for a great trainer.


Hey, Yorddy I am thankful for all the hard work you put me through to be in shape to run and finish the cancer marathon last year. If it had not been for you I would not have been able to make the first 5 miles but we did it and I was able to wear my size 6 clothes again. And don't forget my SIX-PACK, and even my blood pressure went down. So hopefully I will joint you in the future work-outs. Yours truly.